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The Addictionary
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WordZap Raves
(as received -- lightly edited for spelling and punctuation)

March 18

Love to zap!!! -- Vicki in Ohio

Cool -- Antonio in Mexico

Hi Mike, still getting used to the new graphics but still addicted and still loving it .. thanks. -- Carole in Australia

Oh great wizard of words. Thanks -- Lola in California

Please send me registration numbers so I can continue to play this "addictionary game!" -- Deborah in Wisconsin

March 19

I absolutely LOVE this game! Have been playing it since it first came out, and I love the new design! -- Rose in Florida

Nice game although for people who don't have English as their mother tongue and who live in third world countries a little tough -- Girish in Maharashtra

I love Big Zap and look forward to playing it on line. -- Barbara in Florida

I'm a big Scrabble player, too! -- Esther from Pennsylvania

    March 20

I love WordZap, it's my favorite Windows puzzle game! -- R.U. in California

I love this game! -- Tracey in California

This is a very intriguing game. definitely worth the time and money. -- Mohamed in Ohio

I am 9 years old and I love the game. My mom loves it too. -- Skyler in Oregon

Great word game, never boring -- Karen in Texas

March 21

I like playing this game. -- Debbie in Virginia

March 22

Love the game. Searched all over Nashville and even called Microsoft ... I looked at a lot of stores that carry computer games and couldn't find word Zap so we found you with an Internet search. -- Barbara in Tennessee

It doesn't seem to want to let me register. I'm going through withdrawals. -- Kathy in Washington

March 23

Classic game -- Salamah in Bangkok

I am sending a money order for registration. My husband put it in the mail today. -- Evelene in Ontario

    March 24

Fun! -- Linda in Nevada

WordZap rocks. I used to have it when little and searched on yahoo.com for it. -- Jessica in Texas

Really like the game -- Sherry in Ontario

I've played the older wordzap before. This new version is definitely better. -- Joanne from California


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Last updated: March 24