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The WordZap Ladder -- Frequently asked Questions 
Position changes are computed as follows: 
    The loser stays where they are. 

    If the loser is at 10 and the winner is at 23, the winner moves to (10+23)/2  == 33/2 == 16.5, which rounds down to 16. 

    Zappers between 16 and 22 all move down one position and the winner moves up to 16.

Bonus jumps are computed thus:
    If your Win Margin * 5 > Rank Margin you move up one. 

    Example you are at 25 on the ladder and you beat someone at position 45 by a margin of 7-2: 

    Win Margin * 5 = 25  --  (i.e. 5 * (7 - 2)) 
    Rank Margin = 20  --  (i.e. 25 - 20) 

    25 is greater than 20 so you move up on rung.

    Now for registered player only!

For Beginner-Expert Ladder Matches -- if the beginner wins, they move up a number of rungs computed thus: 
(Beginners_Position  -  Experts_Position) / 10
Your change in level will be posted the next time I run the ladder program (many times a day). 

Local and Global Ladders: We have separate ladders for Canada and Australia.  If there is sufficient interest we can add additional ones.  Note that position changes are computed on the Global Ladder so your position change on any local ladder may not follow the rules above. 

How Long do you Stay on?:
  • If you are a fully registered WordZap player.  You stay on the ladder for 30 days after which time you are "hidden" -- that is you don't show but when you play next you will start back only a little below where you were when your 30 days ended.  To register your copy of WordZap ($25) please click here.

Showing your ICQ number and where you are from: You may have noticed that some people on the ladder have their state/country or ICQ number shown.  If you would like to have this information shown next to your entry, you need to add yourself to our data base by filling in our survey form.  Filling in this form also puts you on our mailing list and lets us notify you of upcoming tournaments and other significant news items. 
    Last updated: March 15