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Beginners play Experts

Top Fifty 50-200 Canada Australia

Where to play? We suggest Game Lobby (previously IGames) which is now at http://cardandboardgames.com.

How to play Find someone higher on the list and challenge them to a Ladder Match (in the Matches Menu). If you win, you will be taken to a page on our website and asked to confirm that you want the information reported. 

How it works:  If you beat the player immediately above you, you swap places.  If you beat someone higher up, you move to the average of their rank and your rank.  This causes people who don't play to move down.  In Beginner-Expert Matches the beginner moves up 10% of the rank difference. 

Bonus Jumps: If you beat somone lower than you on the ladder, you may move up one spot.  You get a bonus if your win margin * 5 > rank margin.  This is to make the ladder more lively (registered players only). 

How to get on the list: You are added to the list automatically when you play in a reported ladder match. 

How to get off the list:  Send me email.  Get caught cheating and you will be off the list very fast. 

Dropping off the list:If you join the ladder using our survey form, but don't play in any reported matches, you will drop off the list after 5 days, if you play just one match, you will drop off 10 days later.  After you have played a second reported match you become an “established player” and won't get dropped unless you are inactive for 30 days. 

Beginner matches:   Regular Beginner-v-Beginner Ladder Matches are now set up automatically 

Beginner-Expert Matches: Ladder Matches between an Expert player and a beginner are played using EasyZap with the Expert not making 3-letter words   This is done automatically in 4.00. 

This "longer words only" restriction gives the beginner a very reasonable chance of winning -- making it an interesting challenge for the expert.   Please try this -- it's great fun. 

Who is an Expert?  The WordZap program tries to make this determination.  If you disagree with it's decision, you can over-ride it in Preferences.

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