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    Q. I get the message DPLAYX.DLL not found. 
    A. Go to our download page and download and install Microsoft's Direct Play 
    Q. I want to get started playing online. 
    A. You need to join a 'lobby' such as GameLobby where WordZap players meet 
    Q. Is WordZap free? 
    A. No.  We try to make a living developing and improving it.  However we have negotiated site licenses with Igames so that when you play from their sites you do not need to be registered with us.  You will need to register to play off-line or a LAN.

    Q. I got a game going but all I see is the WordZap splash screen. 
    A. (1) Don't have WordZap running when you launch from a lobby (or you will have two copies running). (2) Don't press F2 or start WordZap from the Menu -- it will start by itself  (sometimes it takes 15-20 seconds to start). (3) If it still won't start go to our download page and download and install the latest copy of Microsoft's Direct Play

    Q. I tried to connect to another user directly using the "Join Net Game" option but nobody was there.
    A. Make sure you have the correct IP Address. There is just a possibility that really nobody is there.

    Q. We both got the same number of words but my opponent won on points. 
    A. He had more letters.  If you had some blank "head-start" rows, they count as three letters.
    Q. It doesn't know the word xxxx! 
    A. Are you using the extra dictionaries (see preferences)? We support the full SOWPODS word list and then some.
    Q. In a ladder match my opponent can use 3-letter words but I can't? 
    A. You are playing a BEVEX match (Beginner-v-Expert) -- this gives your opponent a sporting chance of winning which is more fun for both of you.
    Q. I want to play MatchZap ladder matches but I always get EasyZap 
    A. The computer has bracketed you as a beginner.  Go to preferences and tell the computer you are an Expert now.
    Q. My opponent quit our ladder match just as I was about to win 
    A. This could be a technical problem or juvenile behavior.  Give you opponent time to rejoin you or explain.  If you don't hear from them, report the match manually (from the link on the main ladder page).
    Q. My hard drive died and now I have lost WordZap. 
    A. Please keep a backup copy of both the WordZap download file and your registration code.  Failing that, re-download WordZap and if you really have lost your code, email us -- we have them all on file.
    Q. What other games have you written? 
    A. Cricklers, WordHai, WordRap (aka Jotto), Word Wimble, GoBang, Pentode, Go For the Gold, Break Street ...
    Q. What other software have you worked on or helped design? 
    A. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Help, Encarta, Access and Word (the spell checker), APL, VM/CMS and ARPANET.


Last updated: January 30

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