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WordZap Support Page

Send Email For customer support, please Email  us at mica@crick.com.  It helps if you can include the version of WordZap you are playing (CTRL-F7) and the version of Windows you are using.  Do not use ICQ as I may go for weeks without reading my ICQ messages.  Email arrives on our computer every 30 minutes.

If you just received your passcode and are having trouble entering it, check this list:

1. Run WordZap (not your Browser) and look for 'Register' in the Help menu.
2. Enter your real name, not your email name
3. Use the name you gave us - if you gave us Robert, Bob will not work.
4. Type carefully. If you make even a small error it will try to take you to our order page.

If you do it right it will say "Thank you for registering ...". (This part of the program has not failed in nearly three years.)

If you encounter a problem with WordZap we would like to hear about it so we can fix it. We give a free registration to anyone reporting a new significant bug that we can reproduce.  A good problem report states:

1. Exactly what you did
2. What you expected to happen
3. What actually happened

When replying to my email reply, please don't delete what was written earlier. I may be in a dozen email conversations at once and it is very helpful if I can see the whole dialog.

The most common problem we have is Zappers losing their passcodes. Please make sure you have yours saved where you can find it. It is a bad idea to keep it only on your hard drive.

It is a good idea to save the file you downloaded but not on your hard drive.  If you need to reinstall WordZap, you can always go to our download page.  Problem is, if your passcode is more than a year old it may not work with the current version.

We give free upgrades for one year - which we feel is a fair and reasonable policy.  After that, you can run the program you paid for (if you saved it) or buy a newer version. We offer an Unlimited Upgrades registration so you can always play the latest version.

If your registration is over a year old you can still download and play version 3.65 (at the bottom of the download page). This older version works with every passcode ever issued.

-- Michael (Zapador) and Barbara Crick