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WORDHAI - Survival of the Fittest
WordHai is a relaxed puzzle game.  It was inspired by the game ShangHai (aka TaiPei or Mahjongg) but using Scrabble tiles instead of Mahjongg tiles. 

The object is to fit all the letters on the left, as words, into the panel on the right.  The challenge is finding the right words to use all the letters.  At least one solution exists for each puzzle -- the difficulty is in finding it. 

The easy game asks you to make seven 3-letter words using 21 tiles.  When you have mastered that, you can move up to 4-letter words.  I like the 5-letter word puzzles -- which are really tough but I always get them sooner or later. 

If you get stuck, WordHai will give you "hints".  I prefer to play with that option turned off so that I have to think of the words for myself. 

WordHai now plays in English, French, German and Spanish.  A new feature lets you replay puzzles you played earlier or set them up for your friends. WordHai is part of Word Games for Windows and works with all versions of Windows. 

Typical WordHai Screen
Typical WordHai screen
The key rule is that you can only use the letters at the end of each row. 
However, as you remove letters, you expose new ones. 

--Mike Crick


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