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WORDRAP: Hangman on Steroids -- by Mike Crick
WordRap is a puzzle game that combines both vocabulary and logic.  It's an improved variant of the game Jotto -- or can think of it as MasterMind with words, or as an evolution of Hangman

The object is to deduce the computer's mystery word.  You play by entering words and seeing how many letters match between your word and the mystery word.  Winning takes some solid logical thinking as well as a little luck. 

The easy game asks you to find 3-letter words.  When you have mastered that, you can move up to 4-letter words.  The 5-letter word puzzles are the most challenging.  There is also a variation where you race against the clock. 
A new feature adds definitions for more obscure words making this an excellent program for expanding your vocabulary.  WordRap plays in English, French, German and Spanish.  WordRap is part of Michael Crick's Word Games for Windows and works with all versions of Windows. One of my favorite games -- plus it has a great rewards screen! -- Mike Crick

Typical WordRap Screen
Typical WordRap screen 
(Click to see at full resolution)
The trick is to pick probe words that most quickly reveal the computer's hidden word. 

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