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Your wordZap handicap is a number from 36-0 used to set the computer's level of play. By default, your handicap adjusts automatically to your skill level.

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Set your handicap:

36 = Beginner Expert = 0


The HIGHER your handicap the easier it is for you.
The LOWER the handicap, the greater the challenge. The object is to LOWER your handicap -- as in Golf. A few gifted people achieve a zero handicap.

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Grid Size

EasyZap (3x3) 3x3 WordZap (4x4) 4x4

Letter Mix

Easier Standard Harder


Word lengths: 3-7 4-7 5-7

Countdown speed: Slow Fast

RowsToFill: 7 10 Sudden Death

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Computer's Vocabulary

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The object of WordZap is to make 7 unique words FIRST! Make words by clicking letters as fast as you can (this is a race -- not a game with turns). Words are ZAPPED when you and the computer both make the same word.

For faster play use keyboard shortcuts!

After you have mastered EasyZap, move up to WordZap - the really addicting variation. The WordZap ADJACENCY RULE is not difficult if you read the tips carefully and then explore by clicking different tiles.


Keyboard shortcuts:
F1 Displays the HELP box
F3 Pauses the game
F4 Concedes a game
Enter Enters the current word (same as clicking the End Word button or clicking on the background)
Space bar Clears all letters in the current word
Backspace or Delete Deletes one letter from the end of the current word
(same as using right click)
Right-Arrow Moves a letter up from the word below
Up-Arrow Recalls the last word entered so you can add more letters
TAB or Shift-TAB Rotates the letters to let you view them a different way
Escape Hides the game in emergency - and restores it again later

Using UP close


Help using the UP feature

The UP feature speeds up your game when entering similar words. Use on PC's or swipe UP-wards on tablets.

Example: You just entered END and you want to make ENDED. Do UP and enter E + D.

If the next line already has letters, they are pre-pended.

Example: You made END and you want to make SEND
Enter S and then do UP.

Note that ↑ lifts the last word entered even if it has been zapped - whereas → takes tiles from the topmost word.

For ↑ you can tap on the current line.

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