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WordZap Raves
(as received -- lightly edited for spelling and punctuation)

Very Addictive Mind Testing Game I Just Cant Stop Playing It -- Stuart in England

This is a very challenging game. Thanks for creating it! -- Christopher in North Dakota

This is pretty kool ^.^ -- Nick in New Zealand

Thanks for the games I really enjoy them as I'm a disabled person and they help keep my mind alert -- Jean in England

Game rocks -- John in WA

This game can really broaden your vocabulary and make new friends at the same time. -- Karen in New York

... a great game, family has played it for hours -- Scott in Tennessee

enjoy playing it -- Lois in Iowa

It's the first game I'm going to be able to try playing on line and am looking forward to getting it going. Playing the computer is very good. -- Kathy in Scotland

YOU KEEP ME UP TOO LATE...I enjoy this game immensely. -- Gladys in Indiana

Love the game -- Michelle in Pennsylvania

Can't do it online just computer -- Damon in England

Love the game. Been playing for years ... Happy we finally purchased a registration! -- Mark in Colorado

Hello Mike... it's been a while, but I'm back into zapping on a pretty regular basis again. Love the new motif choices by the way ;- ) Wow, the players have gotten way better than they used to be... Annalie in Maryland



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Last updated: October 3rd